Support Us

Crowner's Foundation is a private initiative and has an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) status.
As a result, donations from individuals and corporations tax deductible.

Because of the extra costs and complexity of sending goods to Bali, the foundation is most helped by financial donations.
Our local team will take care of purchasing all required materials locally, with this supporting the local businesses as well.
One time gifts, sponsoring or regular donations, are very welcome!

Sponsor event 2015

Crowner's Foundation is actively raising funds by providing sponsor possibilities during sports-events where “Friends of the Foundation” participate. One of the examples is the participation in the Scandinavian Discovery trail where one of the participating cars is available for sponsoring purposes.

All received donations will be used fully for our activities on Bali.
There are several interesting donation facilities provided by the Dutch treasury.

For Companies:
Your donations to charity organizations are tax deductible, however the deductible amount may not exceed 10 % of the total net profit of the company in a year. A larger donation is allowed, but is non-deductible. If you sponsor Crowner's Foundation ( i.e. Crowner's Foundation offers you a return for the financial support ) , the tax office sees the donation as a normal cost. The donation is fully tax deductible.

For private persons:
Gifts deduction changed in 2012: for regular gifts a threshold maximum is established. The threshold is 1% of your threshold income, with a minimum of € 60,- .
What you have paid more than this threshold, you may deduct. But you can’t deduct more than the maximum. That's 10% of your threshold income. For more information you can look at

If you are interested in sponsoring Crowner’s Foundation, please contact John van Eijnsbergen or Rien Zwaan.