Crowner’s Foundation projects 2014

We have come a long way since our launch. Besides setting up the office, a teaching database and an English curriculum the following projects were prepared, performed and documented:

Explanation Abbreviations:
- SDN (Sekolah Dasar Negeri, Indonesian State primary school, a basically free education)
- Schools don’t have a name but a number that is figured behind the acronym SDN

Where did we work?

In 2014, Crowners conducted its first English lesson projects Denpasar Serangan, until a few years ago, a tiny island south of Sanur. Since then, a road has been created and the island is a lot more accessible. It is mainly inhabited by fishermen.

What did we do?

After having applied for and obtained permission from the local education authorities we started in July with weekly English classes at two SDN schools, SDN2 and SDN3, where we teach a total of 300 children. The schools are basically on the same premises, so we were compelled to teach at both schools. Weekly classes are given to grades 1 to 4. The lessons are developed and documented so that all subsequent projects can be offered the same program.

Our thematic learning program demands active participation of the students, as well as creative expression. So it involves a lot of singing, flash card games, drawing and colouring and other activities to offer English lessons in an attractive way. Some people might wonder whether children can actually learn a language when only one class is offered per week. The answer is Yes, children are introduced to the foundation of the language. Vocabulary is built the students get used to listening and understanding a foreign language. But perhaps even more important: by actively participating in creative lessons children learn that learning another language doesn’t have to be boring. we hope to give them an enthusiasm for learning that will stay with them through their lives ...
Especially this last aspect is still very important here in Indonesia because the national curriculum offers strongly traditional learning methods: The teacher provides information, the students absorb it, and it is expected of them, during exams and tests, that they cough up the information again in a multiple choice format.


We were received an enthusiastic and warm welcome from the school principals and we haven’t experienced any problems to agree on a lesson schedule in which Crowners may operate in the existing schedule.

The reception of the students on the other hand is overwhelming. They are very enthusiastic and actively participate in all activities and assignments. Their enthusiasm even makes it quite a challenge to bring some structure in overcrowded and hardly disciplined classes.

But we do!

Donation of materials:

Every school we work with, receives the teaching materials we use during our lessons. They are over 300, mainly theme based, multipurpose flashcards and materials to use on the walls of the class room. This way, children are continuously surrounded with and immerged in English. We have started developing and working with these materials a few years ago, and have been using them at all levels, in many playful and creative ways, from Kindergarten English to 6th grade science. During our projects, the local teachers learn to use these materials and hopefully continue to work with them. We print, glue, cut, laminate and assemble them all ourselves.

Crowners Learning Centre

The Crowners Learning Centre is located in Denpasar and will provide English classes to the poorer children of the city.
In pour Learning Centre we provide:

  • English classes, for elementary school and middle school students from lower income families
  • Homework and free English practice sessions
  • A library and lessons database 
  • Learning materials
  • English teacher student / teacher training and possible internships (they can do an internship in the projects and in the Learning Centre, eventually possibly teach at projects themselves so that we can expand projects in the future).

Our plans for 2015

To establish a more solid position it is important to create the Indonesian version of Crowner’s Foundation.
This is a crucial point because we do not yet have a legal status in Indonesia to implement projects.
Contacts have been made with an agent who can take care of this for us. Doing it by ourselves is a hugely complex and bureaucratic process, we need local and specialistic support.

Further we will expand our current activities at the Crowners Learning Centre and our school projects, donations of our Learning materials and advanced English courses for our local teachers Ayu and Rina.